[NEW] Chocolate Cream Cheese Soft Cake 2020

Chocolate Cream Cheese Soft Cake

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Soft chocolate cake, melt to the mouth.
– dark chocolate: 100g
– milk: 100g
– cream cheese: 100g
– egg: 3
– sugar: 70
– corn starch: 10g
– pastry flour: 10g
– lemon water: 6h
– cocoa: 10g

pre-heat 425°F (220°C)
425°F (220°C) 10 minutes
340°F (170°C) 25 minutes
cake cream
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    I am now your 114th subscriber. This video appeared as an add on a channel I was watching about urban gardening. I would usually skip ads but since I love watching cooking shows, I watched it till the end. I find it very relaxing to watch your cooking because of the background music. I will be sure to watch all the other videos you have. Good luck and I hope you get more views and subscribers.

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