[NEW] BIRTHDAY CAKE – Healthy and Easy to Make 2020

BIRTHDAY CAKE – Healthy and Easy to Make

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BIRTHDAY CAKE – Healthy and Easy to Make

If someone you love is about to have a birthday, and they don’t want a standard cake, here is a healthy and simple way to make a birthday cake alternative.
It is very easy to assemble and only requires watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, and kiwi.

The best part about this cake is the ease of customizing. You can pick the fruit of your choice, trim it to a unique size and shape, and add as many extras as you want.

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26 thoughts on “[NEW] BIRTHDAY CAKE – Healthy and Easy to Make 2020

  1. Nadya G. says:

    I made this recipe and took the picture, but I'm not seeing where i could share it. Overall i was not in love with this "cake", mostly because i expected something like a cake, but it's more like a sherbet. Very pretty and definitely fun, tastes good, and rich (i added cashews and coconut cream for fat), still not a "cake" experience. By the way, one of my layers didn't have any fat, so it was impossible to eat until it melted – it was frozen solid. Fat usually gives softness to frozen foods. Thank you for the idea and the recipe, Kristina!

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