[NEW] Pâte à Choux Cream Puffs | Hummingbird Cake Cream Puffs | Pastries with Paola 2020

Pâte à Choux Cream Puffs | Hummingbird Cake Cream Puffs | Pastries with Paola

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This week, executive pastry chef Paola Velez puts her own spin on the southern classic—the hummingbird cake—with her hummingbird cream puffs filled with fluffy banana whipped cream, candied pineapple, pecan crumbles, and a pinch of lime zest. Topped with some crunchy, toasted coconut, these cream puffs bring in all the signature flavors of the cake’s birthplace—the island of Jamaica—packed into a small, spherical, and super cute package.

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00:00 Introduction
00:47 Making the Choux
04:12 Making the Cookie
05:05 Piping the Choux
05:47 Pineapple filling
06:53 Banana Creme
07:28 Assembling the Creme Puffs
08:15 Final Result & Taste Test

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You might know James Beard Award finalist Paola Velez as the executive pastry chef at Compass Rose, La Bodega Bakery, and Maydān, or as the co-founder of Bakers Against Racism, but now you’ll know her as the host of “Pastries with Paola” for Food and Wine! Join Paola for a culinary adventure in this series celebrating her Dominican heritage—and her childhood in The Bronx!—as she puts her twist on classic desserts with delicious recipes like her Maria Cookies icebox cake, Lemony Sumac Pie with a mind-blowing Ritz Cracker Crust, Tres Leches Cornbread Cake, Guava and Cheese Budin De Pan, her incredible Chocolate Party Cake, and more. Paola is all about baking fun, easy, and totally doable at home! Subscribe to catch the whole series!

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Pâte à Choux Cream Puffs | Hummingbird Cake Cream Puffs | Pastries with Paola
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