[NEW] How to make Cake Pop Balls 2020

How to make Cake Pop Balls

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In this tutorial our cake tutor Claire will show you how to make and roll the perfect cake pop ball! With this super easy technique you will have lots made in minuets!!
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50 thoughts on “[NEW] How to make Cake Pop Balls 2020

  1. Andrea Stevens says:

    OMG I can give you a BIG OLE HUG around your neck!!!! I have searched all over the internet trying to find out how to “properly “ make cap pops…I’ve had problems as to them falling off the sticks, cracking and oozing. When some placed a order for cake pops I would cringe….BUT NOW I’m going to advertise that I make them….they came out PERFECT and when I say PERFECT I mean PERFECT😱. It don’t take much to make me happy but this has me smiling from ear to ear…..THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO 😃

  2. Lisa Joy says:

    I know this video was uploaded such a long time ago but…just the fact that you’re using GLOVES while making food that ppl will eat has earned my respect for your version of making cake pops! I will definitely use gloves and have ALWAYS thought those same exact thoughts when it comes to making food that other ppl will will be eating! Thanks for pointing that out:)

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