[NEW] Fresh Cream Pineapple Cake | How to Cream a Cake 2020

Fresh Cream Pineapple Cake | How to Cream a Cake

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This video shares how to bake and decorate a cake, a Vanilla and Pineapple Cake for beginners, I have tried to show how to cream the cake at home for the best result possible! You can make this soft, fresh cream pineapple cake at home, without having to buy it from the bakery, like any fruit cake with fresh cream from the bakery! The easy pineapple cake with the fresh cream recipe is one of the best fruit or pineapple desserts to try during summer at home! You can also use any fruit besides pineapple with the same easy cream cake recipe at home.


I have baked this sponge in an 8 inch round cake pan.



1 cup or 125 grams flour
3/4 cup or 125 grams sugar
1 1/4 tsp or 5 grams baking powder
1 pinch of salt
1 Tbsp or 15 ml oil
1 tsp or 4 ml vanilla essence
5 eggs

4 cups or 960 grams heavy cream/double cream
8 tablespoons or 60 grams icing sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla essence

1 tin or 220 grams of Pineapple with syrup

1/4 cup or 50 ml double cream
1/4 cup or 50 grams white chocolate
few drops yellow food colour





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