[NEW] Stephen Walking – Birthday Cake [Monstercat Release] [Free Download] 2020

Stephen Walking – Birthday Cake [Monstercat Release] [Free Download]
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Released earlier this year on Monstercat Media. This was one of the funnest tracks to make. BOUNCE!

cake birthday
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50 thoughts on “[NEW] Stephen Walking – Birthday Cake [Monstercat Release] [Free Download] 2020

  1. mduffy08 says:

    No offense, but that was probably the most god awful crap that I have listened in a long time. Word of advice, it doesn't matter if it's mainstream or not well known, it doesn't matter if it is dubstep or electronic – good music is still good music. But music is also an matter of opinion, and if you really like deekline, well then good for you.

    and you're right, Skrillex didn't start dubstep nor electronic. But he sure as hell started the craze.

  2. AJ Ro says:

    since I have memory every, time my friends and parents brought me a birthday cake my body was filled with feelings i did not understand, until today, stephen, showed me with this masterpiece, what I felt, I feel and i´ll feel every time i see a birthday cake.

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