[NEW] I Tested Momofuku Milk Bar's Birthday Cake- Viral Recipes Tested 2020

I Tested Momofuku Milk Bar's Birthday Cake- Viral Recipes Tested

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36 thoughts on “[NEW] I Tested Momofuku Milk Bar's Birthday Cake- Viral Recipes Tested 2020

  1. Dreamjes says:

    Frick this fricken cake!!! It's time-consuming, expensive, and frustrating! I actually had to make the cake twice because I messed up the first time and ended up making cake crackers – don't ask, lol. But, by God is it fricken delicious! It is the perfect homemade version of a boxed cake mix. I won't be making it again, but it was an experience that I thoroughly enjoyed and hated at the same time. Please, give it a try! 🙂

  2. J H says:

    When you substitute ingredients or adjust the recipe… It's no longer the original recipe, instead it's an adjusted recipe based off the original. I really wish you would have first followed the recipe to the letter since your title indicated that's what this was. You could have edited in shots and narrative from a second cake you made with your adjustments, reviewing the difference. When I look up a recipe by name, I am not looking for an adjusted version of it. I don't mind adjustments, but I wish you had appropriately titled your video.

  3. McKenna Aldridge says:

    So I preordered this cake from Milk Bar for my birthday, and I purposefully ordered it to show up the day before…well, it never showed up, and I waited all night on my birthday for it to (hopefully) arrive and uhhh it didn't. Milk Bar did refund me, but honestly my birthday was totally ruined twice when it didn't show up on time and then 3 weeks later (!) a moldy birthday cake showed up on my porch.

  4. More Gardening says:

    My sister makes these cakes and they are so unbearably salty. I’m not sure if it’s the recipe, or if she’s using a standard salt instead of kosher salt. I feel bad because she loves baking and thinks it’s the best cake ever. I also detest imitation flavors and artificial junk. I live on a farm and raise my own food. These cakes aren’t for me. If you read this, sorry, but now you know 😳

  5. Lauren Bray says:

    I read a food blog post where she did a taste test of 10 different confetti cake recipes, she baked them all and had her friends score them. Guess which one got last place? Milk bar lol. I think its a lot of hype and that there's way better out there like Claire Saffitz confetti cake for example.

  6. Kyra D says:

    Omg ok tips from a cake decorator:
    When working with temperamental cakes (or brownies, or cornbread, etc) try to unmold it when it’s warm, assemble when it’s ice cold. It will save so much effort. We use a blowtorch on the bottom of our pans if the cake is sticking and it slides out like butter. I couldn’t tell how much you sprayed that sheet try but the key is the more the merrier. Spray the pan (the edges especially!!), apply parchment, spray the parchment. Also if you cut the parchment so that you have little “wings” reaching outside of the pan it can help give you leverage to get that sucker out. Prep work is key!

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