[NEW] How to Craft 3D Card with a model of Cake Birthday 2020

How to Craft 3D Card with a model of Cake Birthday

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You may know how to Craft 3D Card with a model of Cake Birthday with this video.
This birthday card opens to reveal a 3D pop-up design showing a birthday cake with a 3 candles. 3D popup cards are ready-made and pop up when you open them.

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We are specialized in designing and manufacturing popup cards, a company with more than 100 skillful workers, a well-located production workshop in Hanoi, Viet Nam.

Our outstanding advantage is a strong team with enthusiastic, skillful workers and professional designers who continuously update the ready-to-choose catalog of card design and ready to help customize designs upon customer’s needs.

We have been making the highest effort to assure the product’s quality with strict monitoring procedures over paper material, designing, cutting, processing, packaging, etc.

Please feel free to contact us should you have questions and inquiries.

Phone: (+84) 902 123 668 – (+84) 918 986 889
Email: Contact@handmadegifts.com.vn – Popupcard3dvn@gmail.com

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