[NEW] Grandma & Grand Daughter Bake a Cake for the First Time!! 😱 2020

Grandma & Grand Daughter Bake a Cake for the First Time!! 😱

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This may be the start of a fun new holiday tradition for our family! Baking a cake with Micah was so much fun, and it’s the perfect reason to do it every year! Micah and her Grandma bake a cake for the first time, and it’s so cute. We had fun celebrating the 4th and all the activities with it, and we let Micah do her very first sparkler since she is starting to enjoy fireworks!


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28 thoughts on “[NEW] Grandma & Grand Daughter Bake a Cake for the First Time!! 😱 2020

  1. Linda Gentile says:

    How cute the funny thing is Micah looks so much like Austin & Paige looks more like Jess but…
    When I see Micah's actions and mannerisms ate more like Jess & Paige acts a bit spunky & devilish taking after her spunky Daddy…
    So much fun watching the girls grow…
    I think they are about ready for a Brother soon 👍😉😁❤🤗
    GBY ALL 🙏❤💙💖💖🤗✝️

  2. Lisa Jervis says:

    Austin I just had my eyes done too. I have football shape eyes like you , my eyes are 20 20 now I do need readers just because I'm 50 now , but I waited 10 years to have this procedure done , you will love it and be amazed how much you didn't know things looked like, colors are amazing ❤

  3. Trey Joyner says:

    Micah started learning how to make and bake a cake. She was taught by her granny. She wasted the rest of the pancake batter mix by spilling it on the counter because her baking task was imperfect. She did an excellent job baking a cake. She could be taught how to make and bake July 4 cupcakes with vanilla batter and holiday sprinkles. She could be taught how to put frosting on the already cooked cupcakes with the separate colors of red, white and blue. The utensil that she held in her hand is called a whisk. She needs to know its common name.

  4. Trey Joyner says:

    I hope you had a happy July 4 like I did, Austin & Jessica Spomer. 🇺🇸 I squeezed mustard and ketchup on my cheeseburgers and my hotdog that I ate. 🍔🌭 I ate a boneless, grilled chicken piece and some baked beans. I drank some lemonade along with eating my foods from the barbecue. I ate a chocolate pie wedge. I watched the movie franchises of "Independence Day" and "Annie". I heard the sound of fireworks yards away from my home. 🎇🎆 I'm watching the fireworks' specials that I DVR'd.

  5. Janet Rowland says:

    Wonderful cake making, Micah and Grandma. It looked delicious. May I add a piece of advice…. those poppers can burn the bottoms of your feet if you step on them, so next time please wear shoes or sandles. I stepped on one before and had a 2nd degree burn on the bottom of my foot. Also, seeing Micah hold those sparklers scared me so much. I am so glad you were very diligent in instructing her on what part to handle. Looks like you all had a lot of fun. Glad everyone is feeling better. Austin, God's timing is perfect. There is a good reason why you didn't get your eyes done, yet. You just need to be patient and wait and see what he has planned. Love you all… #happyday

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