[NEW] DIY Cake Flour | How To Make Cake Flour At Home 2020

DIY Cake Flour | How To Make Cake Flour At Home

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Hello my amazing Darlings! I hope you all have an amazing day! So today, I’m gonna show you how to make a Cake Flour at home. I know, some of you are having a hard time finding cake flour in your region. With 2 simplest ingredients from your pantry, you can make your own cake flour easy peasy 🙂
Here’s what you’ll need:
1 cup all purpose flour minus 2 tablespoons(leveled) or 125 grams or 14 tablespoons(leveled)
2 tablespoons cornstarch (12g)

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45 thoughts on “[NEW] DIY Cake Flour | How To Make Cake Flour At Home 2020

  1. Mary’s Place says:

    I would definitely start making my own cake flour from your instructions, that way I can stop buying it separate , because I can save money, I always have all purpose flour Because I’m always baking because I can also make Non sticking spray baking spray with it to for my cake pans so we always have all purpose flour and make my own self rising flour , theirs so much you can make with all purpose flour ‘ flour it is so amazing now here’s another one I can add to my repertoire so thanks for the tip . 🥰👩🏾‍🦲😍

  2. Jennifer Ljh says:

    Hi, dear, I notice every time you use all purpose flour to make bread turned out soft and fluffy texture, somehow here in my country difficult to find the bread flour but the all purpose flour usually turned out good soon came out from the oven but the next day a bit harder… how to improve it?

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