[NEW] how to make the cool fake cakes from tiktok 2020

how to make the cool fake cakes from tiktok

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i kept seeing all these fake art cakes on tiktok and i had to make one. this isnt the easiest diy but it does tun out so cool. i love these cake tiktok cakes!
styrofoam circles:
fake cherrys:
fake strawberries:
piping bags and tips:

social media:
instagram: amyzoverby
food instagram: thingsieat69
twitter: amyzoverby
tiktok: missamyoverby
business email: amyzoverby@gmail.com

i love you guys sooooooooo much ahhh

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make cake
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30 thoughts on “[NEW] how to make the cool fake cakes from tiktok 2020

  1. meli says:

    Amy, question for you – how did you learn to play with clay? Do you have any favorite arts and crafts youtubers? You've been inspiring me for the past year with how you get creative. I'd like to rediscover my creativity as well and watching you has given me some life to follow through on being an artist. thank you. 💕✨

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