[NEW] How to make Pavlova cake to get free food – cooking life hack with Boris 2020

How to make Pavlova cake to get free food – cooking life hack with Boris

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Most people do not take the effort to make dessert. Not to mention, a whole cake. This is why people will happily bring some crumbs of food for you if you invite them over for cake. Everyone bring one sausage and some cheese. Everyone get one piece of cake. Easy win. Invite 10 people, eat sausage for weeks.

4 eggs
1tbsp potato starch (if using regular sugar)
200g sugar (regular white or powdered)
1tsp apple vinegar or lemon juice (optional)
pinch of salt
300ml whipping cream
3tbsp white sugar

set oven to 200C
agg 4 eggwhites to bowl
add 200g sugar of your choice
add 1 tbsp potato starch (not needed if using powdered sugar)
add pinch of salt
mix with mixer until hard
then add lemon juice or apple vinegar if you want. i do not. mix it into the mixture.
place baking paper on cooking tray
make two round shaped bases on the paper. not too thin, they will crack.
turn oven to 150C and place bases in oven for 1h
you can let bases cool off in the oven for an extra 1h after turning off temperature. this adds more texture.
add whipping cream and 3tbsp sugar into bowl and mix by hand until whipped.
evenly place half of whipped cream on one base.

add sliced kiwi and strawberries on top of whipped cream.
add second base on top. there add rest of whipped cream and more strawberries and kiwis.
refrigerate for 1h for best result.
is good. enjoy.

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