[NEW] BiRTHDAY SURPRiSE for MOM!! Zoo Animals and Sprinkles! Adley & Dad decorating a bday party cake 🎂 2020

BiRTHDAY SURPRiSE for MOM!! Zoo Animals and Sprinkles! Adley & Dad decorating a bday party cake 🎂

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we sneak out of the house to plan the ultimate surprise for Mom’s Birthday🎂


HEY EVERYBODY!! Tomorrow is mom’s BIRTHDAY, so me and dad want to surprise her with a mystery cake! But we couldn’t make the cake at our house or mom would see… so we had to sneak out of the house and go to Nana’s house to make the party treats. We decided to make it a Zoo Cake with toy animals all over it, but first we had to bake the cake! Luckily we had Nana to help us with the baking because me and dad don’t really know what we are doing. The first step was to mix the batter up.. me and dad both cracked some eggs that we got from Nana’s backyard farm, then we added water and oil. Then we had to mix them all together.. and dad let me use the mixer, but I accidentally flung it all over the kitchen.. whoops. Then we poured all of the batter into the pan and hid some toy zoo animals inside for mom to find. While the cake was baking we made birthday cards for mom, on my cards I drew our whole entire family on a dance floor! Then, after we made our cards we recorded a SECRET MESSAGE for mom to listen to on her birthday! We finished all of our crafts just in time for the cake to be done baking! So we covered the cake with frosting and tons of super cool decorations! I had so much fun being the boss of making mom’s birthday cake maybe i should open a restaurant in my neighborhood. She is going to be so surprised tomorrow, and I can’t wait to give her all of her fun new presents! Her party is going to be filled with magic!!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*
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