50 thoughts on “[NEW] Satisfying Purple Ice Cream Cake 2020

  1. Shark jaws Gamer says:

    Your getting so close to 1 million , it’s been a amazing journey watching you I’ve been watching since 200k
    I’m so glad I got to watch you go from working at cold stone to almost have a million subs
    I can’t wait till you hit 1 million subs. I hope you have a great day dylan
    Congrats on almost 1 million subscribers!

  2. Cheesy says:

    This content is extremely satisfying to watch idk why I like watching someone making ice cream but it’s so satisfying in a way.
    Btw the quality of the vids keep. Getting better and better and I’m glad to see your channel is blowing up
    Keep up the good work Dylan Lemay and have a ice day

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