[NEW] 6 Cake Hacks from The Cake Boss | Welcome to Cake Ep05 2020

6 Cake Hacks from The Cake Boss | Welcome to Cake Ep05

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Need a last-minute delicious cake, but you’re short on time or ingredients? Cake Boss Buddy Valastro shows us six tips and tricks to turn any regular baker into a Cake Macgyver!


Starring Buddy Valastro
Executive Producer: Art Edwards
Produced by Andy Mills & Cakehouse Media
Culinary Producer: Erin McGinn
Director of Photography: Justin Abbate
Camera: Daniel Nevanpera
Art Director: Kenny Cahall
Art Coordinator: Angela La
Coordinators: Marissa Perl & Keith Wempe
Editor: Matt Antonucci
Music: artlist.io
how to make a cake
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38 thoughts on “[NEW] 6 Cake Hacks from The Cake Boss | Welcome to Cake Ep05 2020

  1. Emily Sahlen says:

    I’ve got the be the only one here doing a plank challenge while watching Buddy make a cake ☺️
    I’ve been doing this challenge for about 5 months. I’ve been holding it for 4 minutes for the last 2 months.
    Thank you for your help with my challenge today ♥️

  2. Ron B. says:

    I like Buddy but I don't agree….I hate Nutella it's too sweet and cheap tasting, and adding peanut butter to cheap store bought frosting sounds gross. plus throwing all those pink crumbs on the cake makes it look like a train wreck…..Please I know you can do better than that. I thought you were going to show us how to make rosettes or write on the cake. That would have been helpful plus why do you need so much sugary icing on and in between a cake. Are you trying to make everyone a diabetic?

  3. Sylvia Austin says:

    I can honestly say buddy holds my attention, I look at thousands of posts and I’m straight off to the comments. But I was that enthralled with buds post I never got round to the comments in fact I never even thought about them for one second 🙋🏼‍♀️🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  4. Reba Holtzclaw says:

    Had a lazy Susan but, someone stole it! It was my mom's and they knew it! 😒 Just saying'. Thanks for the tips! Love your show too. What should I do with leftover batter? I plan on using really soon. So, should I put it in the refrigerator or the freezer??

  5. Yana Rice says:

    Please show me more cake decorating hakes. Please. I want to own my own bakery one day just like you. I have 2 boys that are 4 years old and a 1 year old who also loves to bake. So every time I bake they bake with me. My oldest likes to put the ingredients in and mix it all up. My yougest likes to mix it up.

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