[NEW] Oreo Biscuit Cake Only 3 Ingredients In Lock down 2020

Oreo Biscuit Cake Only 3 Ingredients In Lock down

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Oreo Biscuit Cake Only 3 Ingredients In Lock-down
How to make Oreo cake, Oreo chocolate cake, Chocolate Cake, Oreo Biscuit Cake, in 3 ingredients Perfectly Super Soft, Moist, Perfect Treat For Your family & Stay safe | ওরিও বিস্কুট কেক মাত্র ৩ উপাদানে

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Oreo Biscuits 2 large packets
Baking Powder 1 ½ tsp

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31 thoughts on “[NEW] Oreo Biscuit Cake Only 3 Ingredients In Lock down 2020

  1. Jatin W says:

    It’s my dad’s birthday today and due to lockdown no cake shops are open and moreover, I don’t wanted to order anything from outside due to safety concerns then I thought of trying to implement the idea you shared in this video.

    Guess what, the cake turned out really well and yummy, thank you so much for this great video. It helped us to celebrate my dad’s birthday even during this crisis.

    God bless you ❤️

  2. Hadiya Aqsa says:

    The cake turned out very nice but if u will add the baking powder 1tsp then the cake will not break while cutting and we sprinkled the Cadbury with the scratcher and the cake was looking nice and we made in a flower shaped cake tin so it was looking ❤️❤️ so if u do what I say it will turn out a bit better but it was very…… Tasty please share some more Oreo 🍪 ideas

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