[NEW] Surprising Papa with An Indian Cake for His Birthday *We didn't cut it!* 2020

Surprising Papa with An Indian Cake for His Birthday *We didn't cut it!*

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37 thoughts on “[NEW] Surprising Papa with An Indian Cake for His Birthday *We didn't cut it!* 2020

  1. Kishanell says:

    Before you all comment bad please watch the complete video. Papa asked us to not cut the flag so Kishan only cut the side of the cake instead of the flag. We respect our country and it’s flag 🇮🇳🙏🏻. We didn’t throw away the cake. Instead, we removed the icing and ate it.😊

  2. Maya Rebecca says:

    Lol how she wants to be a desi girl so bad is so cute OMGGG lol sounds so funny n cute when she try’s to act like desi she loved pujabi Sikh culture a lot more then Hindu as shown plenty times it is so much beautiful n so much to it even tho Hindu nice 👍 but Sikh is just so beautiful it’s amazing

  3. Maya Rebecca says:

    Shanelle looks the best so much more beautiful n better looking when she wears Indian attire especially Punjabi suit! She loves the Punjabi culture a lot as she’s shown time n time again a lot more then Hindu! Hindi still good of course but Punjabi Sikh is so much more to it n so beautiful

  4. Kaveri Devaiah says:

    It is very wrong to post such videos, just for likes.
    Ur making an India flag and, alter on, ur still going to cut it or throw it away anyways. It's sooooooooo wrong on ur part. There is a lot of respect and love we all have for our country and for our country's flag. It's completely miserable, what u have done.
    Making fun of r emotions and our country's flag. Disrespectful and disgusting.

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