[NEW] Jiggly Dark Chocolate Cake Cutting 2020

Jiggly Dark Chocolate Cake Cutting

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Visiting JB for more Castella cakes cutting and I finally managed to catch the dark chocolate one! This flavor is limited and about only 5 trays of them are baked daily.

This video contains the cutting of this jiggly cake

LE Castella Malaysia
Lot LG-70, LG Level, KSL CITY MALL
Johor Bahru

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47 thoughts on “[NEW] Jiggly Dark Chocolate Cake Cutting 2020

  1. noomy says:

    i tried both the cheese and regular one from Castella
    the normal tasted bland and the cheese is just ………………….eh?
    maybe that's why i don't like carbs

    i didn't tried the dark chocolate one tho, maybe that'll be better

  2. Malavenda says:

    It's weird how all places do the same standard gestures. If we were in Europe youd prolly see bakeries that use lasers, others with some kind of pre-measured cutting metal grid landing from above on the thing (like an apple slicer you know?, others baking it shaped like a tower etc.

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