[NEW] Turning a $20 Grocery Store Cake into an AWESOME Kids Birthday Cake! 2020

Turning a $20 Grocery Store Cake into an AWESOME Kids Birthday Cake!

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A few weeks ago YT suggested a video from The Icing Artist: about turning a grocery store cake into a wedding cake! It inspired me to try and turn a grocery store cake into birthday cakes for my kids! First, I did a pig cake for my daughter, and today we are making a Ghostbusters cake for my 7 year old son!

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45 thoughts on “[NEW] Turning a $20 Grocery Store Cake into an AWESOME Kids Birthday Cake! 2020

  1. Scarlett Winters says:

    I know how to turn icing or fondant jet black, use a few capsules of activated charcoal. I have activated charcoal in my cupboard in case someone becomes poisoned. I just decorated Christmas cookies and turned my white icing very black with about three capsules, charcoal is healthy for you and it worked great and it was free!

  2. B says:

    I LOVE it.. its PERFECT idk why you keep saying it's not lol.. if your son is happy and your happy then its perfect 🥰 my son loved ghost busters when he was 5 wish I would of know of thos back then.. I always order his cakes at Stater bros and they do a great job BUT sometimes I'd like them stacked and they charge sooo much MORE 😭

  3. SheCreates Her Life says:

    I actually make cakes, use to work in a bakery and I also prefer just the decorating. This time saver is so worth it in my opinion. Also black fondant is so hard to make. Takes a ton of black food coloring and then needs to sit for a couple days for the color to intensify. When I need black fondant I just buy it already black…. I don't have time for that. Lol.

  4. Adria Fiona says:

    Adorable!! … and it looks like it was fun to make! I don’t mind spending a bit more money if it’s going to save me some time! … and to be honest… you may have SAVED money too because if you commissioned that cake it would likely have been WAAAAAAY more than an boring grocery store cake! Great job!!!! Impressed!

  5. Andrea Camacho says:

    I was going to do a number 8 cake which is basically two circles on top of each other and my cake falls! right when I am about to decorate. And I remember seeing the same video she’s talking about and I was like I’m just gonna go buy a chocolate cake it was $5.99 each for 2 unleveled cakes! But it was still worth it I got those two cakes/ level them made my own ganage to decorate it with M&Ms , Kitcat‘s, recess and star sprinkles! ⭐️🍫

  6. Lacee Crosby says:

    If you are ok with having chocolate frosting, start with that as the base when adding black food coloring so you don't have to add so much dye. Great trick I learned when making one of my kid's birthday cakes! Not sure if it works with fondant because I don't know if they make a chocolate fondant but if they do, I imagine it would work great!

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