[NEW] Chocolate Cake Milkshakes 2020

Chocolate Cake Milkshakes

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Hi everyone, I know its been a while since my last video. We have had so many things going on and we will be having a lot more things going on and my video schedule will be unpredictable. You can always keep up with what is going on my facebook page Mishmawshandotherthings, there I post future ideas for videos, and my recent blog posts and its a great and fun way to be able to interact with you all without waiting for you tube’s ridiculous wait times for uploading videos. You can find toby on his facebook page toby shoemaker and you can wish him a happy birthday or just say hi or your can follow his blog which is realdumbassnews.com You can follow my blog mishmawshandotherthings.com and over there you get to see my recipes that have not made it to video form yet. You can also contact me via email Heatherzkitchen@AOL.com and you order some amazing scentsy products and see all the new products for all your Holiday shopping needs head over to I will keep you all posted over on facebook as to what we are going to be doing and why our filming will be interrupted for a bit too. Live, laugh and love all. Heather
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