[NEW] The Sponge Cake That Can Do It All With Claire Saffitz | Try This at Home | NYT Cooking 2020

The Sponge Cake That Can Do It All With Claire Saffitz | Try This at Home | NYT Cooking

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OK, Try This at Home fans: Claire Saffitz is back for another round. She’s given us bagels. We watched her make croissants. She’s shown us sourdough and how to make yeasted dough. Today’s lesson? Sponge cake. It may have almost broken Claire to develop, but it also may be the only cake recipe you’ll ever need. Come for the baking techniques, stay for the glorious summer strawberries.

0:00 – 1:31 : Intro
1:31 – 6:49 : Make the batter
6:49 – 7:55 : Roulade variation
7:55 – 8:36 : Cooling upside down
8:36 – 14:52 : Strawberry layer cake
14:52 – 17:49 : Raspberry roulade
17:49 – End : Slice and eat!




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33 thoughts on “[NEW] The Sponge Cake That Can Do It All With Claire Saffitz | Try This at Home | NYT Cooking 2020

  1. Renato Corte says:

    Hey, great recipes 👌
    As a word of professional advise, and, I'm sure you've seen this done in your research as well – the roulade looked perfectly cooked!
    To avoid those cracks and train the sponge, take it out of the tray while it is still warm, not completely steaming hot, and roll it as loosely as you did in the towel (sprinkled with icing sugar, cornstarch and shaken off excess) and let it cool to room temp rolled. The slight humidity will help the surfaces to not dry out as much, becoming more malleable to the roll – without loosing volume or texture.
    Give it a try =)
    Great work!

  2. Giuseppe Pipia says:

    That's a very complicated way to make a genoise (since it has a fat, otherwise it would be called Spanish bread, in Italian, or just sponge cake)! The easiest way, in my opinion, is to weigh the whole eggs, and add 70% of sugar. Mix until it gets foamy and ribbony. Then add 60% of the weight of the eggs in cake flour or even a mix of starches, and a pinch of salt. Pour in a greased pan (the fat will help increase the height of the final cake, instead if you flour the pan, the height increase would be limited), and bake at 375° until golden and set. You will use only one bowl, no need to mess around with egg shells and separating yolks and whites, and an easy recipe to memorize.

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