[NEW] All You Need to Know About Whipped Cream for Cakes & Desserts I Tips & Techniques from Meghna 2020

All You Need to Know About Whipped Cream for Cakes & Desserts I Tips & Techniques from Meghna

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Whipping Cream Basics For Home Bakers

Answering all your questions for whipping cream-
– How to Whip Cream for Cakes?
-How to store whipping cream ?
– How to get stiffed peaks in whipped cream?
– How to color whipped cream ?
– What is the difference between Whipping Cream and Fresh Cream or Cooking Cream ?

Method :
Take a big mixing bowl, add 1/2 cup melted whipping cream
(It will expand after beating and turn 3/4 or 1 cup. Before using it, keep whipping cream container in refrigerator for 2-3 hours/overnight depending upon your refrigerator’s cooling system)
Avoid using frozen whipping cream as it doesn’t give good results
Whipping cream generally contains vanilla essence, so no need to add sugar/vanilla essence for sweetness.
Start slowly beating the cream with electric beater for a minute on slow speed
Now beat for another 2 mins on high speed to get thicker consistency
Further whip for more 2-3 mins until cream will start to take on volume and forms stiff peak.
If you take your beater out of the cream, the peaks in the whipped cream will hold firmly but it’s slightly softened.
Here’s your Perfect, Fluffy and Delicious Whipped Cream ready!!!
To make chocolate flavour whipped cream from the same whipped cream :
Take half of the whipped cream
Add 1 tsp cocoa powder
Start beating until it mixes well

Note :
Do not use fresh cream/dairy cream for whipping. You can only use whipping cream/non dairy cream to make desserts, cake decorations, pudding, etc.
While working on whipping cream, keep it in a cool place/at less temperature.
You can also make flavoured/colourful whipped cream by using edible gel colours.

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  1. Sharada S says:

    Hi Meghna..I watch all your cooking recipes and a big fan of you. That's because the way you explain it even a layman can understand and start doing it. My request is could you also give links to buy whipping cream or good quality beater so that it will be very helpful for people who buy it for the first time 😊 thank you!!

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