[NEW] Unicorn Food-Cake Bakery Games by FunPop 2020

Unicorn Food-Cake Bakery Games by FunPop

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Unicorn Food-Cake Bakery Games by FunPop

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Cute unicorn is popular to cute baby girl,cute baby boy,kids and toddlers,so as the colorful unicorn rainbow food.Making colorful unicorns rainbow cake in this amazing cooking and baking adventure with so much cooking fun!In this make cakes game for kids,you can DIY all the colorful unicorn rainbow cakes you can imagine:rainbow unicorn cake with rainbow icing,rainbow unicorn,rainbow colorful candy,rainbow cream,rainbow frosting and so on.Everything is colourful rainbow cake for sweet maker.Don’t believe that?Play the girl games for free Now!

Unicorn Rainbow Cake Game Features:
1. Make Cakes are the best choice of sweet maker for any important day for children,such as birthday,party,and festivals.Agree?
2.In this cooking game for girls, you’ll make a tasty recipe of a sweet cake in shape of a cute colorful
unicorn. Hmm,any kinds of rainbow unicorns!
3.Mix various ingredients to create the unique delicious flavor and color of your rainbow unicorn cake with colorful candies in the colorful land.
4.In the free girl game, you can try dozens of food materials and colorful decorations : water,sweet fruits, colorful candies, colorful rainbow sprinkles, tasty cream, milk, eggs, food colouring, sugar, salt, flour and etc.
5.And also you can play dozens of realistic cooking tools: glasses, dispenser, kettle, bowl, oven, pot, mixer, spoon and etc.
6.I see a naughty fondant fat unicorn lying on the colorful cake stand with satisfaction !Does the bite of the sweet unicorn cake show that he ate the sweet deserts?
7.OMG!That colorful rainbow unicorn is spilling rainbow!It is so amazing!
8.2 layers cake and 3 layers cake are common to see in the wedding celebration or some anniversary party.In the game for children,you can also design the unicorn cake on 2 or 3 layers!Surprise!
9.Now design the best unicorn rainbow cake of the little kids game.That is your design party of sweet maker!
10.You are so talented!You make and decorate the finest unicorn rainbow around this fun girl kitchen game!
11.In the cooking academy,you should have learned how to bake a delicious unicorn rainbow cake after this fun kids game.
12.Play this make cake and bake cake game for your friends and family!

It is so much fun to make sweet and colorful unicorn rainbow cake in the game for girl. Such lovely free games for girls. Download girls games and make it.
Download this make cake game and play the cake games TODAY!

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