[NEW] The Easiest Chocolate Cake Of All Time 2020

The Easiest Chocolate Cake Of All Time

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Homemade cakes can be a scary thing for many people. This recipe ideally skips all of the typical fuss and stress around baking a cake. A simplified cake base with a perfectly rich chocolate frosting. Just right to give you the sugar crash you desire.


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Pyrex® Prepware Glass Measuring Cup:
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KitchenAid – KP26M1XNP Professional 600 Series Stand Mixer – Nickel Pearl:

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37 thoughts on “[NEW] The Easiest Chocolate Cake Of All Time 2020

  1. James Smith says:

    Coming from the BA kitchen I really really really dislike this man. I got a bit of a try hard and a really pretentious vibe from him, but I have to acknowledge his superior mastery of cooking techniques. Truly an amazing chef, first and foremost, but if I met him real life I would no doubt we would not be friends.

  2. Ok says:

    I made my first chocolate cake when I was 11years old. I used to see mom made cakes on sand. (not baked). I did everything right, except instead of flour, I used wheat (dunno what the English is, but it is much thicker than flour). It wasn't that soft but it was delicious. Sadly it was also the last time I've made a cake. Now I'm 25 and can't eat much that is sweet for unknown reason.

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