[NEW] Roxy Fitness – ICE CREAM & CAKE Oro Solido * MERENGUE 2020

Roxy Fitness – ICE CREAM & CAKE Oro Solido * MERENGUE

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Zumba class with Roxanne. I love that the song says DE NUEVA YORK Y ECUADOR … WEEEPAAAA!!!. Inspiration from the amazing Ina P. * no copyright infringement intended
cake cream
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16 thoughts on “[NEW] Roxy Fitness – ICE CREAM & CAKE Oro Solido * MERENGUE 2020

  1. cokefan101 says:

    Hi Roxy thanks for sharing I like this song.I got used to the other videos before you got pregnant,I dont know if you can post them again like so fine,the one that you were doing at home I think is called shelley and if you can do PAUSE thanks .Hope you can reply or post them thanks and congratulations for your baby.

  2. Amanda Hartfelder says:

    @roxy – amazing choreo as always, thanks for the inspiration.
    @rockchick479- shoes…i've heard the zumba shoes are really great, but I like nike cross trainers that have a little less tread than running shoes. The 6.0s look like they'd do well. I've seen lots of jammers wear adidas originals. Really, it comes down to trying what's best for you. I have a narrow foot with high arches. Nike works best for that. Cross trainers are best for dancing. Imho.

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