[NEW] Chocolate Cake ready in 20 minutes#quickrecipes #cake #chocolate #pastry 2020

Chocolate Cake ready in 20 minutes#quickrecipes #cake #chocolate #pastry

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#chocolate #cake #dessert #recipes #easyideas
Intro 0:00 – 0:08
Ingredients 0:09 – 0:38
Prep the mix 0:39 – 1:55
Getting ready for oven : 1:57 – 2:31
Result out of the oven 2:35
Final result and section of the cake 3:10 – 3:48

When it comes to cakes I m not the best chef in the world for that, I think pastry requires a lot of patience, and time!
And for me, that is quite hard!
Even I m a chef for 11 years now, but I stay away from pastry is not my domain!
That’s why when you will see recipes of cakes on my Youtube channel for sure is an easy one trust me!
I also need to say I m not so in love with sweets, but I make them with pleasure for my husband and I share it with you guys!
Hope you like it, and subscribe to my channel or share this recipe with your friends!

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