[NEW] MineCraft Tutorials: How to Bake a Cake 2020

MineCraft Tutorials: How to Bake a Cake

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MineCraft Tutorial #3 [Cooking with Hobo]

This is more for fun than a real tutorials, but the cakes are awesome so I felt the need to “learn you all to bake and stuffs”.

Now you all have a use for all those eggs you been massing (or incinerating if you’re like me). And now you can get something useful from those annoying cows. No more lonely nights eating dry bread. Notch is making MC food not suck with what he has been doing in these past updates.

Some details on cake:
– It heals 1.5 hearts per slice. For a total of 9 hearts.
– Each cake has 6 slices.
– Must be placed in block form for it to be eaten.
– Breaking the cake will not return it or any of its parts. Once you place a cake, you should eat it.

Bench Layout: (M = Milk, S = Sugar, E = Egg, and W = Wheat)
M – M – M
S – E – S
W – W – W

“Notch stated if Minecraft won the Mod DB 2010 “Indie Game of the Year” award, which it did, he would add cake to Minecraft.”
– MineCraft Wiki
make cake

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