49 thoughts on “[NEW] Color changing cake icing technique 2020

  1. Silent Bob says:

    Ugh. Looks nasty. I don't get it why people use ridiculous amounts of food colouring. It doesn't make food look any better, it just makes it look like it is stuffed with bitter food colouring.
    If this were plain white it would look delicious.

  2. Seth Kaufman says:

    Hey, Everybody!  I noticed some people were asking about the Bakers' Preferred Airbrush Color used in the above video, and I wanted to inform you that you can purchase them directly from the manufacturer!  Bakery Crafts has been purchased by another company, and will no longer carry the Bakers' Preferred Color Line.  You can purchase Airbrush Food Color, as well as any of our other fantastic Food Colors by contacting skaufman@berghausen.com  Thank you for your time! Keep up the amazing work, Bakers!

  3. THExJMC says:

    To the people who are clueless to how this is done. Are u srs? The ridges are on the cake for a reason. Each side is sprayed with a different color so that when you look at it from that angle it appears to be that color, and then change color as you look from another side.

    This would not work on a flat icing or looking from straight above.

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