31 thoughts on “[NEW] Piñacolada Ice Cream Cake (low fat raw vegan) 2020

  1. Rose V says:

    I'm way late in watching this video but I follow your workout vids religiously. I made your organic smoothie the other day and now I make it EVERYDAY. I'm hooked. So I thought let me watch the other recipes that interest me in her VLOG…..and here I am haha Anywho is there any other fruit I can substitute the pineapple with? I do not like pineapple unfortunately and coconut meh but bananas and just about all other fruits are a go for me. In the meantime I will do my own mini search for a substitute but your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I'm a novice to the vegan recipe world and my brain cannot extrapolate too far past strawberries, mango, bananas, blueberries, raspberries, and watermelon lol

  2. Recovery12Life says:

    You look vaguly like freelee but more down to earth and relaxed. Prettier eyes by far too. Enough flirting though i cant wait to try this my kids are gonna flip. Im working against their mother and grand parents to try to bring them over to vegan. I admit i have even gone so far as to show them a short clip of the industrial farming. To far i admit but it didnt even phaze them. Eating bot dogs and ground beef that night. They are so young 6 and 8 living almost entirely on monsantos corn surup and meet cheese. So far the best i have been able to achieve is to get them to eat more fresh fruit for deserts. They wont eat a meal without meat or cheese though.

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