[NEW] How to bake a Vanilla Cake (Very easy recipe) 2020

How to bake a Vanilla Cake (Very easy recipe)

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Did you know you can bake vanilla cakes? Well, now you can with this easy to follow guide from Beldina’s Delicacies!
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42 thoughts on “[NEW] How to bake a Vanilla Cake (Very easy recipe) 2020

  1. Beldina’s Delicacies says:

    Hello people, it's my pleasure to guide you through the baking process and give you valuable tips. Let me know about your thoughts and questions through this comment section. Remember to like and subscribe to the channel of you haven't done so for many exciting episodes

  2. Alima Issaka says:

    I watched you prepare a vanilla cake, I am enthused and want to practice at home. But my problem is how to use the oven. You preheated your oven for 180 degrees. How will I know my oven is heating at 180 degrees? Secondly after I put in the cake do I leave it heating at same temperature or I off the fire

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