[NEW] Dessert Mukbang: 🥞 Sweet ASMR Eating (Tangerine Cake, Matcha Crepe Cake, Birthday Cake) #166🍰 2020

Dessert Mukbang: 🥞 Sweet ASMR Eating (Tangerine Cake, Matcha Crepe Cake, Birthday Cake) #166🍰

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Dessert Mukbang: 🥞 Sweet ASMR Eating ( Tangerine Cake, Matcha Crepe Cake, Strawberry Cake, Baby Birthday Cake) 甜點吃播 Part #166 🍰

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►What is dessert?
Dessert is usually something sweet that is eaten after a meal. It consists of sweet foods, such as confections, and possibly a beverage such as dessert wine or liqueur; In some places coffee, cheeses, nuts, or other savory items are regarded as desserts. The term dessert can be referenced as biscuits, mochi, mousse, crepe, cakes, lava cakes, cookies, tiramisu, flan, custards, gelatins, ice creams, pastries, pies, matcha crepe rolls, puddings, sweet soups, and tarts. Fruits are also consider desserts because of their sweetness. Some cultures make sweeten foods to create savory sweets. Some of the best Chinese desserts are red bean buns, dragon’s beard candy, egg tarts, candied fruit, pumpkin pancakes, egg custard buns, deep fried durians, bananas, mooncakes, sweet soup balls, almond jelly, and grass jelly.

►What is Mukbang?
Mukbang or meokbang is an online broadcast in which people eats large amounts of foods. The word mukbang (먹방; meokbang) is a Korean words for “eating” (먹는; meongneun) and “broadcast” (방송; bangsong). Eating shows are very popular Asian countries such as Korea (먹방), Japan (ムクバン), Malaysia (rancangan makan), Indonesia (acara makan), Thailand (แสดงการรับประทานอาหาร) , China (吃播), India (vकी परिभाषा) and Vietnam (chương trình ăn uống).

►What is ASMR Mukbang?
Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), sometimes auto sensory meridian response, is a tingling sensation that someone feels from the scalp to the back of the neck and spine when they see someone and hear someone consume food. People who experience this phenomenon says they get immense pleasure from watching and hearing people eating food.

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