[NEW] Making A Professional Cake While In Bubble Wrap! 2020

Making A Professional Cake While In Bubble Wrap!

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Welp, Hannah and I wanted to see if we could bake a professional cake while wrapped in wayyy too much bubble wrap. Enjoy our crackhead energy🧡
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28 thoughts on “[NEW] Making A Professional Cake While In Bubble Wrap! 2020

  1. MedicatedBros Gaming says:

    Kat, learn we humans fail humans all the time don't hate yourself if you judge someone also your boyfriend(sorry forgot your name)

    Please learn reset energy cause everyone doesn't grow up with real guidance and don't know what life is BE HONEST. Teach this to your loved ones(your co stars and the world) so keep being transparent to learn. Growing up in life and not having mental systems(adult/seeing the whole situation) will damage friendships if not understood and see the whole REAL situation and realize we don't mean it, just how we REACTED doesn't mean that's our response. Give people chance to actually really think of it. Let people think instead of judge off they're no thinker thought. You can see the boyfriend needs stop judging

    Hannah, Kat and boyfriend, hope you guys are good. Hannah needs to better hyped cause in reality I think she's your best friend.

  2. Rapituss Fournier says:

    I dont know if you are going to see this but im here from day 1shhhhhh and you change your channel to other stuff you do and i like it , i just thing cant do anything and its going to be good as long as you love it and your real fans will love it plz keep up the good work! 💚🇨🇦

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