[NEW] How to make your Buttercream Frosting White – Cake Decorating Tutorial 2020

How to make your Buttercream Frosting White – Cake Decorating Tutorial

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Hi and welcome back to my kitchen. Do you ever find your buttercream is a little bit too yellow for what you need? In this weeks video tutorial I’m going to show you how you can make your American buttercream white.

This is perfect if your making cupcakes or a cake maybe for a wedding or even to use as a base for colouring your buttercream different colours to get a truer colour.

Find the Ingenious Edibles whitener at The Cake Decorating Company:
You will find a full list of all the tools I used below↓

I really hope you enjoy the tutorial and it will help with your own buttercream creations. Thank you so much for watching and don’t forget to like the video and subscribe for more cake decorating tutorials!

340g / 12oz – Icing Sugar
170g / 6oz – Room Temperature Salted Butter
1.5 tbsp – Milk
1 tbsp – Vanilla Favouring (or favouring of your choice)

★ You can find the full tutorial on my Buttercream here:

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How to cover a cake in buttercream:
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➡Tools I have used in todays video:
Ingenious Edibles Whitener:
Violet Colour Splash:
AEG Stand Mixer (blue version):
Piping bags I use:
1M piping tip:
Sugarflair Super white Powder:

Plus find a full list of all my favourite tools and baking equipment here:

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26 thoughts on “[NEW] How to make your Buttercream Frosting White – Cake Decorating Tutorial 2020

  1. Watson Melis says:

    the whitening agent (food coloring) is titanium dioxide…if you want to make the powder liquid just mix it with glycerine and you end up with the same thing as the liquid one you showed…it's a powerful whitening food additive…I use a little amount to whiten my "white" chocolate and lighten milk chocolate to a pale brown – if you add too much to your chocolate it will seize – thanks for the video – I like the purple addition to help whiten

  2. Sam says:

    Great video👍 gotta say if you over wisk butter it turns into whipped cream, that's 1 reason for the whitening. 2nd instead of using butter, whip egg whites into meringue- saves all the faff. Done this loads of times, has a slightly fluffier texture, but still tastes ok.

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