[NEW] How Original Chocolate Jiggly Cakes Are Made 2020

How Original Chocolate Jiggly Cakes Are Made

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Visiting the very famous Original Cake flagship bakery all the way in Taiwan!

Original Cake was the first castella cake shop to introduce an open concept kitchen where the public can view the cutting of their huge jiggly cakes!

We sneaked behind their kitchen to see how they bake their beautiful huge chocolate jiggly cakes!

This video contains the making and cutting of this jiggly cake

Special thanks to Original Cake at Old Street Tamsui Taiwan for allowing us to film in their kitchen!

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20 thoughts on “[NEW] How Original Chocolate Jiggly Cakes Are Made 2020

  1. Jussara Silva says:

    Credo que nojo,colocou quase o braço inteiro na massa,que falta de higiene
    Não usa luvas!
    Esse país são todos nojento,a comida a forma de fazer…
    Isso seria uma massa pra dar para os animais,os porcos comer?
    Eu não tomaria nem um copo de água que viesse desse país 🤮

  2. Tammie Judy says:

    It always amazes me at the number of people complaining about “arm in food”…really folks.. these preparers wash their hands and arms at every step. Just enjoy the beauty of this cake and the strength in this person arms to mix with a whisk!!

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