[NEW] Is this the EASIEST Chocolate BIRTHDAY Cake?! 2020

Is this the EASIEST Chocolate BIRTHDAY Cake?!

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This Dark Fudge Chocolate Cake is the definition of SWEET TOOTH! Chocolate base with a cream cheese frosting & sprinkles! Perfect for birthdays and parties all year round!
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30 thoughts on “[NEW] Is this the EASIEST Chocolate BIRTHDAY Cake?! 2020

  1. Екатерина says:

    I was in such a gloomy mood the day before my birthday. The weather was unpleasant, the deadlines were coming closer and closer… BUT! I came home and made this cake and IT. IS. GREAT. Honestly, i felt filled with chocolate before even tasting it, just from the smell :).
    Thank you so much!

    *ok, that might have sounded like a rather lazily written commercial, but i'm sincere) thanks)

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