[NEW] 🍫 make a chocolate BUTTERCREAM birthday cake for my niece #homebaking 2020

🍫 make a chocolate BUTTERCREAM birthday cake for my niece #homebaking

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Hello everyone, I will make a birthday cake with chocolate butter cream for my niece in this video. The recipe for the sponge cake is from Cooking See and frosting is from Boone Cake.

// Mistakes that I made:

Visual: 5/10
Taste: 8/10
Overall score: 6 I still think it’s high because the look is not very nice ha ha.

* I over mixed the egg white & forgot to preheat the oven = The cake went flat (so sad)
* I was in hurry because my family also used the kitchen so I didn’t have time for decoration.
* I also tried a different frosting which i made too much, i recommend you guys reduce 1/2 the amount of frosting if you would like to use Boone Cake for this sponge cake recipe.

// Thoughs about recipe:

1. Chocolate Sponge Cake by Cooking See :
* This one is easy for beginers. It does not contain butter and the video is very easy to follow. If you watch my short video then you can have better preparation and visualize main steps.
* I think the cake tastes better when i put it in the fridge overnight. The cake sponge is still soft even I didn’t cover the cake with anything. Later my mum did cover it with a bowl (please cover it so you can store it longer without dry out your cake).

Conclusion: I think this one is pretty easy for beginners.

2. Chocolate butter cream:
The most tiring part in this recipe is making frosting. I don’t remember if this is Italian or Swiss butter cream but it took a lot of time to reach the desirable heat. I couldn’t record the whole process as both of my hands were too busy.

Thank you for watching guys. If you make this cake please let me know if you are successful. I wish you the best.

Thank you for watching.

ps: I will upload a new video on Wednesday so don’t forget to watch it as it’s a long video (finally made one). • it’s gonna be a cafe tour in my city.

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✧ Vietnamese. Office Worker.
✧ Idol: Tokio Hotel, BTS, Harry Style, Stray Kids, …

* English is not my native language.
However I prefer to speak in English as i didn’t make any Ah Oh Eh
(I sound very weird in Vietnamese)
Please forgive me if I made any grammar or speaking mistakes
Thank you angels 😉


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