[NEW] Whipped cream from AMUL fresh cream I NO Icing sugar recipe l #Whipped cream recipe 2020

Whipped cream from AMUL fresh cream I NO Icing sugar recipe l #Whipped cream recipe

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Whipped cream is a great topping for dessert, cake, cookies or eating it just like that! Here’s is low-fat cream like Amul Fresh Cream.
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Use this cream for
1. Gravy for sabzi
2. Milkshake
3. Icecream
4. Custard
5. Dressing on fruits
6. Mousse

This video shows step by step recipe of Whipped Cream at home by using Amul Fresh Cream. All you will need is heavy or whipping cream, regular powdered sugar — that’s it!! No icing sugar required, its a simple homemade whipped cream recipe. Whipped cream is cream that has been beaten by a electric mixer, whisk until it is light and fluffy. All you need is two chilled bowls and a whisk (or electric mixer), cold cream, some powdered sugar, and a few minutes of your time.

Link for the things used in the video:
Electric Hand Mixer :
Amul Fresh Cream :
Stainless Steel Bowl:
Ceramic bowl :

Ingredients :
2 tablespoons sugar (I have not used Icing sugar, if u wish u can use icing sugar also)
1 cup whipping cream (200 ml Amul fresh cream pack)

1.Put the cream in the refrigerator …chill the cream for at least 3 hours as the cream has to be very cold for whipping.
2. Place the small and large mixing bowl and beaters into the freezer for 30 minutes.
3. Fill the large bowl with ice cubes
4.Just before whisking, take cream, bowl, and beaters out of the freezer
5. Pour the thick cream into the small bowl and start whipping the cream using an electric beater or hand whisk. .if you use an electric beater, whip cream at medium speed..it will take 10 minute…..if you use hand whisk…then it will take 15 to 20 minutes to get a fluffy whipped cream.
6.combine powdered sugar and begin to mix on a medium setting to get the process started, then turn up the speed to medium-high and watch the cream begin to thicken
7. Look for stiff peaks and once you get it, sit back and enjoy the yummy Whipped Amul fresh cream!!

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