[NEW] Chocolate Banana Cake Recipe Demonstration – Joyofbaking.com 2020

Chocolate Banana Cake Recipe Demonstration – Joyofbaking.com

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Recipe here: Stephanie Jaworski of Joyofbaking.com demonstrates how to make a Chocolate Banana Cake. This Chocolate Banana Cake combines the sweetness of ripe mashed bananas with cocoa powder. Wonderful plain, but even better when frosted with a smooth and creamy Chocolate Ganache. This would also be the perfect snacking cake for family gatherings as it feeds up to 16 people.

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31 thoughts on “[NEW] Chocolate Banana Cake Recipe Demonstration – Joyofbaking.com 2020

  1. Kelli Weiss says:

    hi Steff, its been awhile and trust you're doing well?? i'd wanted this lovely large cake to the entire staff of my long time GYN's office, so 1 evening last week, got it all ready, but got pretty ill while prepping; i think it my illness that allowed me to put the pan into an oven w/a lopsided rack!! A few loaves had turned out lopsided, but i thought it was just an aberration, but looking carefully at my top rack, i realized that it wasn't straight, but it was too hot to remedy anything, so i just let it bake!!
    well my lopsided cake was good, but not for a gift, so was able to find enuf friends to take it all away, and earlier today, after adjusting the top rack of my very new oven, mixed the ingredients again, and just removed it from the oven, altho the very center was not quite to my liking, but knew it was done everywhere else! just to let u know, that everyone loved their pieces, altho some much higher than others; wont make genache as don't use cream 4 anything, but will just dust with powdered sugar, before traveling to gift it tomorrow! used a full cup of brewed coffee, vegetable oil this 1 time, skimmed milk, and 1/1/2 cups of sugar and its really delish! thx again 4 your being so sweet and making my baking more fun!!:):

  2. Chocolatecookiesandcoffee says:

    This is the 1st chocolate cake I’ve ever tried baking at home, made it in a round cake instead of the flat rectangular she used in the video. My friends and i loved it! Then i tried doing other’s choco cake for the sake of comparison but i always go back to this one 🤎 I can’t even remember how many times I’ve done this recipe.
    Thanks Stephanie 🤗☺️

  3. Rian G. says:

    I made this today for Halloween. It's one of the best cakes, so moist and delicious. The banana really comes through nicely with the chocolate. I had to laugh though, when I finished mixing the wet ingredients, the alcohol from the vanilla extract made the mixture smell like a coffee banana liqueur! Ideas? And the chocolate ganache is perfection, especially if you let it set and beat with a hand mixer. Thank you, Stephanie!

  4. Hazel says:

    Aside of her being a professional, the thing that I really like most is, she's so neat and tidy in every single thing she does in the kitchen. As much as I love her simplicity for recipe and instructions.

  5. PAMELLA B says:

    Hei, my name is Pamella. I am from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Borneo. I was a bad Baker, I am excellent in cooking anything under the sun but baking is like my weakness. But learning from you page had given me confident to bake. I love you recepies, its so easy to make. Friends and families started to compliment me on my baking. I will never be able to do that without you. Though I did find some measurement confusing still, in your earlier videos. Like the banana cake recepies, 3/4 of baking soda? I need to Google that, as I said I an very very new and measurement is like an alien to me, when I cook I go with my feelings most of the time. So bare with me, as I hate googling 😁
    Thank you for all your recepies, it really comfort and give me confidence to bake.
    As we say in Sabah, Terimakasih🙏❤

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