[NEW] Microwave Vanilla Cake | Sponge Cake In Microwave 2020

Microwave Vanilla Cake | Sponge Cake In Microwave

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You wanna bake some delicious cake but don’t have an oven? No problem! Learn how to make this mouthwatering Vanilla Sponge Cake with nothing but a microwave.

In this video, I used 24 x 20 cm dish and regular oil.

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Microwave Vanilla Cake |Sponge Cake In Microwave

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49 thoughts on “[NEW] Microwave Vanilla Cake | Sponge Cake In Microwave 2020

  1. Shannon Pal says:

    It's an amazing recipe to make when you have less time nd ingredients but you want to eat something delicious.
    i totally recommend it.

    one thing i want to ask is….
    My cake is a bit dry, please tell me how to fix it so that i can make a perfect cake next time.
    Thank you for this recipe.

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