[NEW] 5 Tips for Icing & Frosting a Cake for Beginners 2020

5 Tips for Icing & Frosting a Cake for Beginners

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Cake Icing tips and tricks — Need help with icing or frosting a cake? These are my 5 icing tips and tricks for frosting a cake that you MUST know before you start your next cake decorating or icing project — you’ll wish you knew these frosting techniques earlier!

For those new to my channel (subscribe now I am Jillian Butler from Sydney Australia. A few years back, I left my corporate job to pursue my passion for food and baking. I started a successful cake shop in Sydney that I ran for 7 years and there were lots of lessons that I learned along the way. Now, after selling the business, I’m making more and more videos to share the insider baking secrets of professionals. I hope you enjoy it as much as I love sharing it with you.


Some handy links to the tools of the trade:
Cake Turntable:
Piping bag:
Cake Decorating tips:
Palette Knife:
Cake Board:
Ice Cream Scoop:

Also, don’t miss my most popular tips video here:

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30 thoughts on “[NEW] 5 Tips for Icing & Frosting a Cake for Beginners 2020

  1. Wakabayashi Leslie says:

    Are you using ganache frosting to this cake ? How much ganache you use and how come it’s shining .please share us the exact measurement of chocolate and other ingredient to cover that big cake like what you’ve done in your video . Thank you for sharing it looks so perfect and yummy ❤️

  2. Lib Chute says:

    Hi Jillian ☺
    I love you cake and frosting tips!!
    Can you please give me a suggestion for a creamy ,not too sweet frosting that can withstand hot or warm temperatures. I live in a hot country💛
    Please reply💙❤💜💚💛💖

  3. Phelix Hanney says:

    Hi J, sorry for being late to the party but I’m just discovering your work. I love you videos but most importantly I just love you and that personality of yours. I love you, love you, I love you, love you to pieces. You are just awesome. 🙌🏾👍🏾Phelix

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