[NEW] Buttercream Frosting 2020

Buttercream Frosting

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This simple and delicious vanilla buttercream frosting is perfect for frosting cakes and cupcakes. It’s so creamy and dreamy, you might just want to eat it plain! You can add any flavor you’d like too. I love rose water, orange blossom water, coffee, lemon and strawberry.

Full Recipe:

Vanilla Buttercream may seem beyond simple but I get a surprising number of questions from bakers everywhere about it. So let’s set the record straight with perhaps the most ubiquitous and variable frosting there is! Let me know how you enjoy this recipor have more questionse; historically, I have found it to be a crowd pleaser.

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  1. Ky__thymiserableoaf :D says:

    **there’s a question at the end, sorry for the long explanation**When I make icing for my cakes, I just use unsalted butter and powdered sugar, and I either use my hand mixer or I combine it my hand (spatula). I do put vanilla extract, but sometimes I make coffee icing or almond icing so I use almond extract or coffee. And my icing is delicious and I can decorate with it, but I’ve always noticed that in videos with other buttercream icing, it’s WAY thicker than mine, and it’s firmer. What exactly is the difference, if you don’t mind answering?

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