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On this episode we take out a subscriber on his first ever night dive to gather ingredients for Big Islands first ever (maybe) SUSHI CAKE! First we head offshore to the fish farm and Ryker catches his first yellowfin tuna. We battle the sharks for awhile before heading underwater to collect lobsters. We then attempt to make a “Hawaiis Only” style sushi cake. Check out his channel for some actual insane sushi cakes and other epic catch and cooks. This was my first trip out filming with the new Insta 360 ONE R and I was crazy impressed by its night time filming capability.

Insta 360 One R

Hawaiis Only Channel

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My name is Ryan Myers and alongside my girlfriend, Sam Mase, I’ve been travelling the world nearly non stop to compete in spearfishing competitions, guide spearfishing trips, and explore the ocean. I am a two time U.S. National Spearfishing Champion and have been ranked number one in the United States for the last six consecutive years. I hold multiple spearfishing world records and can dive up to 230 feet on one breath. Sam is a spearfishing world champion, spearfishing world record holder and full time cat mom/wine drinker/video editor. We have been traveling the world together for the past six years hitting 25+ countries until Covid shut our business down. We ended up in Hawaii and began sharing our passion for adventure on YouTube. Looking back, it was the best thing that could have happened to us as it led us to our true passion of teaching spearfishing and sharing our adventures through YouTube. If you guys appreciate what we do and are in a position to help support the dream there are three ways to help:

1. Buy all your dive gear from American Dive Co and use our discount code: rmx10 for 10% off your entire order. I’ll answer ALL specific gear related questions in the comments section.

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3. Just enjoy the vids, dive safe, and remember to hit that like button

Want to adventure with us? We get messages every single day from people wanting to go diving with us. While I’d love to be able to hang out with each and every one of you it’s just not humanly possible. But nothing is impossible and there are several ways to potentially make it happen.

1. We have to feed the cats somehow and for the past several years we’ve done that through offering guided spearfishing days. They aren’t cheap but until YouTube pays the bills they are a necessary part of our survival. Email RyanMyersExpeditions@gmail.com for info.

2. Offer something incredible in exchange. Examples that have worked in the past include:

“Hey Ryan, I know you really love hunting I’ve got access to some epic hunting areas and would love to show you around in exchange for a day in the water.”

“Hey Ryan, I noticed your merch/website/seo, really stinks and I’m a pro, I’d love to trade some knowledge for some diving knowledge.”

“Hey Ryan, me and the crew have a insane hike, camping trip, hunt, fishing trip, planned this weekend I’d love for you to come make a video on it.”

“Hey Ryan, I’m visiting from the Arctic and have a huge hunting/fishing/diving audience and would love to collaborate.”

“Hey Ryan, I’m a pro editor/film maker I’d love to trade some knowledge.”

Literally anything is possible here submit a well thought out bid to RyanMyersExpeditions@gmail.com and I’ll consider them.

3. If you guys can be patient I promise you I’ll host some 100% free seminar/meetup type events as soon as we are allowed to hold public gatherings again. I’ve hosted some really cool ones all over the world and they are always great places to meet new dive buddies and share knowledge.

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Mail us stuff. Favorite lures, fan mail, gear, maybe you will see it in a video!
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34 thoughts on “[NEW] NIGHT DIVING to make LOBSTER SUSHI CAKE with SUBSCRIBERS!!! 2020

  1. Emiliano Verdusco says:

    Hey Ryan Myers I live on the Big Island I’m 15 years old and I would love to make a spearfishing video with you one of these days, I’m just starting out on YouTube but I know how to Spearfish and it would just be amazing to do a dive with you and get to learn with you. Please let me know if you would be up for that 😄🤙🏼

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