[NEW] Extreme Cake Icing!! (1959) | British Pathé 2020

Extreme Cake Icing!! (1959) | British Pathé

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Jack Bryant is an artist… of icing cakes! In this delectable footage from 1959, we see him demonstrate the craft of decorating cakes with elaborate icing designs.

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Reading, Berkshire.

C/U shot of hands pouring a chocolate filling into an icing bag. A man fills the bag and moves it away. M/S of another man decorating cake. High angle C/U shot of the cake as the man decorates it. Decorations look amazing – very precise and very fragile. The artist’s name is Mr Jack Bryant and he is decorating cakes since 1913 in the same cake and biscuit factory in Reading where his father was doing it for 60 years.

High angle C/U shot of the cake as Mr Bryant draws a kangaroo in almost no time – extraordinary skill. M/S of Mr Bryant climbing onto scaffolding?! He has to lie down on it in order to decorate a central motif on a large white cake. C/U shot of a little flowery detail on the cake. M/S of Mr Bryant decorating the cake in lying position. C/U shot of Mr Bryant’s face as he works.

L/S of the room enables the spectators to see how large the cake is – it is nearly size of a bed. Several shots of Mr Bryant working. High angle M/S of the cake. Mr Bryant is writing “60th Anniversary” on the cake. As Mr Bryant moves away, audience sees the cake with all its decorations and the sign – great!

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  1. Wade says:

    Jack Bryant was the son of William Bryant, who had also been the head of the Cake Icing Department. In 1947 Jack Bryant worked for three weeks, including weekends, to ice the royal wedding cake for the marriage of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. The cake was originally designed to weigh 400lb but Buckingham Palace requested a reduced 'Austerity' cake of only 195lb! Jack Bryant demonstrated his art for BBC television in 1954 in a programme called 'Sculpture in Sugar'. At the time he had worked for Huntley & Palmers for 41 years. His father had decorated cakes for Huntley & Palmers for 62 years.

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