[NEW] Play House DIY Kitchen Toys Unboxing Fruit Birthday Cake & Tea Cups Playset Creative Assembling Toy 2020

Play House DIY Kitchen Toys Unboxing Fruit Birthday Cake & Tea Cups Playset Creative Assembling Toy

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Toys For Kids Worldwide presents : Play House DIY Kitchen Toys Unboxing Fruit Birthday Cake & Tea Cups Playset Creative Assembling Toy!

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This is a creative assembly toy, which means that kids are encouraged to create at random and from the heart – the DIY part of the name means Do It Yourself. This play set is not for children under the age of three, as it has lots of little pieces and parts, as well as many different decorations. So why not invite your little friends to attend your birthday party?

There are all kinds of sweets, such as cupcakes, a fruit cake, cookies, brownies, cakes, as well as other remarkable sugared delights (doesn’t everybody love sweets?). This play set also has tea cups and even a tea pot. The play set features two bags. In the first bag, there are some cupcakes, and the other one has a cake, and a lot of stickers and decorations (cherries, hazelnuts, and others).

So, in the first bag, we can find the cake pieces – six pieces in all, which are stuck together with Velcro. Also, there are some special stickers with hearts on them. There is also a plastic knife for cutting the slices, as well as another set of stickers for the insides of the slices. The cake may not seem easy to stick together, but if you watch the video, you will understand everything (along with having patience, of course). The cake pieces of slices stick together with the help of Velcro material. It can actually be a lot of fun, putting the cake together! The next step is to decorate the cake with the variety of provided sweets, such as cherries, orange and kiwi slices, orange pieces, as well as some candles (which are decorated with heart stickers), and bunnies. The decorative pieces are set on the top of the cake by inserting them into the already made holes.

The other bag contains the cupcakes with cherries on top, a light blue tea pot and some tea cups – two yellow cups, to be precise. There are two cupcakes as well, a pink one and a light blue one. Also, there are some cookies and some white plates for the cookies or the biscuits, and two chocolate chip cookies, and a spoon and fork for the cookies and the cake. Along with, of course, a plastic knife.

Have your friends over for your birthday and serve them some delicious tea and also, pour some wonderfully smelling tea for them!

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