[NEW] My First Cake Post Wilton Courses – 21st Birthday Cake 2020

My First Cake Post Wilton Courses – 21st Birthday Cake

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This is a cake I made for a very special young lady for her 21st birthday. The cake is a polka dot themed chocolate cake with a chocolate buttercream filling inside and out. The bow I made a week before in my Wilton class and brushed it with pearl dust to give the bow some color, life and dimension. The cake board I was able to salvage from the previous cake I made. I call this “cakecycling”. The letters are the FMM brand cutouts.

The birthday girl and her family were delighted and LOVED this cake! It was pretty tasty too!!! 🙂 YUM!!!
cake birthday

13 thoughts on “[NEW] My First Cake Post Wilton Courses – 21st Birthday Cake 2020

  1. A Keus says:

    I did the master course this summer. It was a huge learning curve because I'd never decorated before, so I learned a lot. However, there were master bakers and home bakers in my course and they also found it invaluable. Everyone had a skill that needed re-enforcing, or even learned something new. It's a tough course because they demand perfection, but is very well worth it.

  2. Silver Tea Cakes says:

    I thought the course was worth it since I was not familar with cake basics and decorating. It opens your mind to the many possibilities of what you can do with sugar and making memorable looking cakes for family and friends. Take one class and if you like it, you will continue. Good luck and thanks for stopping by!

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