[NEW] Dominique Ansel's Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch Cake – How To 2020

Dominique Ansel's Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch Cake – How To

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Dominique Ansel, James Beard Award-winning pastry chef, teaches us how to make his signature Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch Cake from his new book, “Everyone Can Bake.” This easy and almost no-bake cake starts with a base layer of caramelized puffed rice, which is then topped with homemade peanut butter mousse, and finished with a thin layer of chocolate ganache.

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49 thoughts on “[NEW] Dominique Ansel's Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch Cake – How To 2020

  1. atteljas says:

    Thickening of the mixture and yolks can be done also by adding boiling liquid, milk here in 5-6 times little stirring at the same time. That will raise the temperature to 84°C or ca. 185 °F. And then your yolks will be cooked and the sauce or the base has thickened.

  2. Davide Salvadori says:

    I tried to make this at home, and while it turned out pretty great, the written recipe is psychotic in how it's just flat wrong compared to the video. This is especially bad when the video is also edited for time:
    – The chocolate percentage of 66% is never mentioned for some reason
    – It used to say to use 5 whole eggs, instead of just yolks
    – Putting the puffed rice in a mold to caramelize is going directly against the video, where it says to lay it in a single thin layer. Not only will this fuck up your rice, you'll have to take some out for the decoration later anyway
    – The gelatine should go in before the peanut butter, putting in after means the mixture is too cold, and it will become lumpy after adding gelatine
    – "Slowly pour the custard into the whipped cream" you have to do the exact opposite, and first mix a couple tbsp of whipped cream; this risks messing up getting an overly thick mousse
    – It incorrectly asks you to remove the acetate ring after baking the rice disc (the thing you shouldn't do in the first place), meaning that the mousse now has a high risk of sticking to the ring when you take it out of the freezer

    This is already bad, but it used to be way worse. I made it close to release, and they since edited out the worst mistakes:
    – The article didn't mention pan-size, so you had to eyeball it from the video. The 20cm mold is a really tight fit, so any other size would make the cake too flat or leave you with extra mixture and too thick a base
    – It didn't remind you to save some of the rice for decoration, as it made you bake the whole thing as a disc, remember?
    – The last step was just "assemble the cake" from the rice, mousse, and ganache; not only is this useless, it didn't mention freezing or cooling at all; by that logic you would pour hot ganache directly onto soft mousse, destroying your cake completely;
    – Neither text or video (because of editing) mentioned letting the ganache cool, so if you had frozen your mousse as in the video, the hot ganache would still melt the top off and make a mess

  3. Venice Mak says:

    Had no idea what I did wrong. My mousse doesn’t turn out as smooth as his. Even though I melted the gelatins separately and mixed in the peanut butter mixture. After it cooled down, it started to get very hard so I put it in the microwave to warm a bit then mixed in the heavy cream. But it still had chunky pieces inside. I just hope the flavor is good enough and edible. It’s in the freezer now and will do the ganache part the next day

  4. flowerhobi says:

    Okay so i made this, everything tastes wonderful but if you're going to attempt it, remember to 1) not over cook the milk and eggs part, i let it get a bit too thick and it was difficult to mix in with the whipped cream, 2) the measurements for the chocolate puffed rice needs to be doubled, i used a 8 inch diameter pan as mentioned but it was too little and double the amount turned out to be perfect 🙂
    3) seriously he glazed it that quick for a reason, the cake is cold so Ganache firmed up quick and wasn't as smooth 😂 like ripple waves lol, anyhow I've learnt what not to do for next time, please try this recipe it's so much easier and hassle free than regular layer cake 😂😂 and its flippin delicious

    ((also also, right before glazing i sprinkled some crushed up pink salt on top, was really nice))

  5. A K says:

    Made it and it was a bit yuk but that will be my lack of skill. I used the whole earth hippie peanut butter when should have used the bog standard stuff. Didn't have corn syrup so used honey and that didn't work well. Overall it ended up being a bit sickly.

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