[NEW] ADLEYS 4th BIRTHDAY!! Ultimate Family Party with Cake and Presents! 2020

ADLEYS 4th BIRTHDAY!! Ultimate Family Party with Cake and Presents!

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a very special BEST BDAY EVER for Adley!


Best 4th Birthday Day Ever 996

IT’S ADLEYS BIRTHDAY!! Holy cow, how is she 4 years old?!! I swear it was a just a few months ago that we were bringing her home from the hospital and starting our family! It’s crazy how fast time flies. Keeping with our tradition, Jenny rushes into adleys room with tons of balloons to throw on her, starting her birthday celebration off right! I’m getting ready to come home from the XGames, but Jenny face timed me so I was still there and part of the family fun! The girls head down to do their morning routine while the vlog jumps to me.

The XGames was a blast and it was great being out here, but I need to get home for Adley’s birthday party. But first, II need to stop by the Mall of America and get Adley a surprise gift! Can’t wait to give it to her!! Then I have to literally run to my plane because there is no way I’m missing this flight!! I need to be home for Adley!!

The whole family picks me up from the airport and when we get to the house, Adley takes me on a tour of all the decorations She and mom set up! This is going to be a great party but before everyone gets here, we want to surprise Adley with her cake! Jenny’s friend Jessica, who is a pro at cake making, made an amazing Barbie themed cake! Adley loves it!! Seriously give her some love — @thisgirlcanbakeit

The party gets going and its chaos, but good chaos. Kids having fun playing pin the bow on Barbie, the family sitting around chatting and having fun, and Niko running around being the cutest! It’s time to open present!!! Adley can’t wait to see what gifts she got. She got some new clothes, new toys, new games, but what she is probably most excited about was getting chocolate!! She’s so funny! We sing happy birthday and blow out the candles on the cake, and now it’s time to play with all her gifts!

We then head into the backyard to play on the tramp, with bubbles! Having some more family fun! When everyone goes and were all done cleaning up, we end this crazy best day ever with a dance party!

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