[NEW] I Tried Making A Professional Cake While Drunk 2020

I Tried Making A Professional Cake While Drunk

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I like to think I’m a decent cook/baker, but oh boy. Buckle up for this one y’all. I tried baking drunk for this first time and it was quite the ordeal lol
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how to make a cake
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26 thoughts on “[NEW] I Tried Making A Professional Cake While Drunk 2020

  1. Storm Nasca says:

    Okay, not cool man. You were all "Take a shot with me" and I picked up my wine glass but then it cut to not that. Actually, now that I think about where the video started (shots), I'm glad you didn't take that last one. That aside, cheers. XD

  2. Storm Nasca says:

    Pat: gives Cat the business
    Cat: I'm not that drunk
    flips icing like a pro
    Pat: (internal dialogue) 'Oh yeah?!'…

    Edit: me being a wee bit sad because apparently an asterisk doesn't show up when you put it in these comments. How sad. Side note, I miss the interrobang. (So as not to sound rude by just saying look it up, which you should because it's lovely, I'll say it's basically an exclamation mixed with a question mark. It's just dandy.

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