[NEW] Decorating a Cake with Whipped Cream | Smoothing whipped cream for layer cakes 2020

Decorating a Cake with Whipped Cream | Smoothing whipped cream for layer cakes

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Whipped cream on cakes tastes amazing, but it can be hard to get it smooth. I go over a couple ways I use whipped cream for my cakes and typically use two kinds. A more denser whipped cream for filling cakes and piping, and a lighter and smoother whipped cream for covering the cake. We’ll also decorate the tops with strawberries and raspberries! 🍓



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This channel combines my love of both baking and science. As a naturally curious person, I love to study, explore, and problem solve. I did that for many years in a biochemistry lab, and am applying that mindset to a lab we probably all have in our house… the kitchen! I’ve baked for my family for years, but am now just starting to document this journey and share it with all of you.
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20 thoughts on “[NEW] Decorating a Cake with Whipped Cream | Smoothing whipped cream for layer cakes 2020

  1. Nazira Rasekh says:

    Hello there amazing job!! Can you put vanilla pudding the way you did ? Because I have read that you can put the pudding in the cake mix. But you just put in on the cake so I just wanted to know if it’s possible so I can make it.

  2. McKinley Larson says:

    Hi Adrianna! I tried making whipped cream layer cakes a few weeks ago and my frosting fell all over the place. Thanks for sharing these tips! I'll be making another one to try and get better, and was wondering- for stabilizers (I'll be gifting my next cake for a birthday and will be making 2 days in advance) which is your preferred one? Also, when you're chilling the cakes for 15 minutes between steps, do you also chill the whipped cream? Thanks again for all the tips, hope it works out better this time!

  3. Carina Barfell says:

    Question! Do you whip all the cream right before your about to do your first layer? Or do you whip then layer, then whip some more for your next layer? I guess my question is.. do you whip all your frosting at once or do you whip some each time before you’re going to frost the cake? 😆😆

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