[NEW] Giant Golden Oreo Birthday Cake ジャイアントゴールデンオレオ バースデイケーキ 2020

Giant Golden Oreo Birthday Cake ジャイアントゴールデンオレオ バースデイケーキ

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We heard there were really cute looking Birthday Cake Oreos in America, and when we looked them up we fell in love right away ♥
Since it’s close to Moso-Dad’s birthday, and we wanted to celebrate the giant Oreo cake video from 2015 passing one billion views ( ), we decided to make a huge Birthday Cake Oreo cake weighing roughly 1.9 kg!

The hand mixer did some solid work, just like when we made the giant Oreo cake.

1. Grease the mold with vegetable oil.
2. Sift together 520g of cake flour and 240g of almond flour.
3. Gently mix 760g of pure butter that has returned to room temperature.
4. Add 420g of powdered sugar divided into two batches and mix well.
5. Whip 10 whole eggs and 2 egg yolks in a bowl (the egg whites will be used for making cream).
6. Add 4 to 5 and mix well. It will gradually get harder to mix and easier to separate so make sure 5 is at room temperature. You could also warm it up in hot water in advance.
7. Divide 2 into two batches and add to 6. Mix gently.
8. Add 45g of lemon juice and a touch of vanilla oil to 7. Mix well.
9. Pour the batter from 8 into the prepared mold in 1.
10. Let it rest. Softly depress the center.
11. Cook it for 35 minutes in an oven preheated to 180 degrees.
12. Check if it’s done by inserting a bamboo skewer.
13. Once they’re cooled down (let them sit for at least 10 minutes), slice them into two pieces of equal thickness.
14. Remove from the mold.

15. Cut up 100g of white chocolate into small pieces.
16. Add 60g of sugar and 30g of cake flour in a large, heat-resistant baking dish and mix well.
17. Take 240g of milk and pour a little of it into 16.
18. Mix two egg whites into 17.
19. Add the leftover milk from 17 to 18 and mix well.
20. Put it in a 600w microwave for one minute and thirty seconds, then again for one minute and thirty seconds, and then once more for one minute. Mix in between each time.
21. Add 15 and mix well.
22. Add sprinkles and eye-catching Froot Loops into 21. Mix well.
23. Insert 22 into 14.
24. Finished! We regret how we didn’t let the butter return to room temperature since that made a lot of trouble for the hand mixer. Time to eat!


2.薄力粉 520gとアーモンドプードル 240gを合わせてふるっておく。
3.室温に戻した 無塩バター 760gを柔らかく混ぜる。
4.粉砂糖 420gを2回に分けて加え、混ぜる。
5.全卵 10個と卵黄 2個分を溶きほぐす。(卵白 2個分はクリームに使います。)
8.7にレモン汁 45gとバニラオイル 少々を加え混ぜる。

15.ホワイトチョコレート 100gを小さく折っておく。
16.大きめの耐熱容器に砂糖 60gと薄力粉 30gを混ぜる。
17.16に牛乳 240gの内少量を加え混ぜる。
18.17に卵白 2個分を加え混ぜる。
22.21にスプリンクルに見立てた“FROOT LOOPS”を混ぜる。

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